Welcome To The Crab Eater

Hi, my name is Tim and I Am a Crab Eater!

Not sure how you did it, but you actually found my website. The idea to begin this site started years ago, and in 2021, I am finally going to make this site a reality.

For now, I am simply going to give you a small taste of what you can expect on this website. In 2014, a friend mentioned that I should do a video on my style of eating crabs. 7 years later and 500,000 views, I guess my style wasn’t too bad.

How To Clean Crabs

Over the next few months, I will be working on creating new content, finding new crab restaurants, compiling some of my crab recipes, and sharing some of the cool places we have traveled and ate crabs throughout the great state of Maryland.

I hope that I get an opportunity to interact with you in the near future and share some great info with you. Until then, stay safe, and #dontwastecrabs.